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Ombak Putih Cruises

Ombak Putih Cruises

Phinisi Buginese Schooner

Come sailing on a beautiful traditional schooner that takes you in splendid comfort into the remote eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago and treat yourself to a lifetime experience that you will never forget.

Life on board our ships is one of relaxation and comfort, good food, top class service, and fine company mixed with plenty of adventure, history and exploration par excellence. To better prepare yourselves for your journey, we have placed various resources at your fingertips to help you get a better grasp of the areas we will visit, the peoples, the flora, the fauna, and the stories behind what lies ahead.

East of Bali there is a world of exotic cultures and breathtaking natural beauty. This area is as enchanting as it is remote. You will sail by smoldering volcanoes that arise from the sea and you will go ashore on uninhabited islands. Our leisure expeditions will take you to quaint historic harbours, superb tropical beaches, pristine coral reefs and to places where time has literally been standing still, such as the last remaining domain of the prehistoric Komodo dragon.

The formula of Ombak Putih is as simple as it is attractive. Your home-away-from-home is a spacious sailing vessel and you have a comfortable cabin with your own en-suite bathroom. Whenever possible more than six hundred square meters of sails are raised, but there are long periods of very light winds so we also do rely on our engine to safeguard our schedule. An attentive but discrete crew takes care of everything. Most of the sailing is done at night and while you sleep, the captain is on the bridge to take you to yet another splendid anchorage or another lovely harbour. Every new day you will wake up to another surprise.

Ombak Putih Specification

VESSEL TYPE : Customized Phinisi Teak Wood
WIDTH : 10 M
DECKS : Main Deck, Sun Deck, Cabin Deck
SAILS : 2 Masts, 7 Sails [Total 600sm]
MAX SPEED : 10-12 Knots under sail
CREW : 16 [Indonesian] + 1 [European]
CABINS : 12 cabins with private bathroom
TENDERS : 2 [60HP & 25HP outboards]

Ombak Putih Cruise Highlights
» Coming face to face with over 60 species of animals on the 'Safari Journey'
» Spacious twin shared cabin with twin bunk beds or double bed
» Each cabin has a private bathroom with toilet and hot shower
» Washbasin and soap toiletries in your cabin
» Cabins have individually controlled air conditioning
» Towels and beach towels that are regularly changed
» Valuables and travel documents can be stored in the ship's safe
» Dining in spacious air conditioned lounge
» Teak wooden furniture in lounge, cabins and on deck
» Spacious sun and semi-covered deck
» Free tea, coffee and mineral water
» Excellent food and snacks (vegetarian food on request)
» Excellent wine selection, cold beer and other alcoholic drinks for sale
» Fresh water on-deck shower
» Chilled towels and a welcome drink upon arrival
» Outdoor sleeping facilities
» Professional European cruise director
» Main tender with 60 hp. outboard engine takes 24 passengers
» Auxiliary tender with 25 hp. outboard takes 10 passengers
» Unlimited use of our snorkeling equipment and 2 sea canoes
» Organize scuba diving in Komodo National Park (optional)
» Television, VCD and music centre in lounge

Ombak Putih Cruise Schedule
» April ~ September 2016 : Dances, Dragons and Magical Lakes I & II
» May 2016 : Tribal Weaving of the Lesser Sunda Islands Pre-Cruise
» May 2016 : Tribal Weaving of the Lesser Sunda Islands with David Richardson
» June 2016 : A culinary voyage in colaboration with the Ubud Food Festival
» September 2016 : East Indies Spice Exploration with Ian Burnet
» October 2016 : Spice Routes / Spice Wars with Nick Burningham
» October 2016 : Wallace Trails, Naturalist Expedition II
» November 2016 : Papua & Birds of Paradise with Tony Whitten
» November 2016 : Papua & Birds of Paradise with Alexander Reeuwijk
» December 2016 : Eaja Ampat Snorkeling and Paddling Tour
» December 2016 : New Year Raja Ampat Adventure Cruise
» January 2017 : Spice Traders to Bugis Shipbuilders


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Ombak Putih Cruises   Beautiful Crystal Clear Water
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Contact Us
Tel/WA: +62 8199 9611999
YM: Baliintaran

Ombak Putih Cruises Itineraries

Dances, Dragons and Magical   Komodo Cruise
Dances, Dragon,
7 Days
See more
Tribal Weaving of the Lesser Sunda Islands Pre-Cruise w/ David and Sue Richardson   Tribal Weaving
3 days
See more
Tribal Weaving of the Lesser Sunda Islands w/ David and Sue Richardson   Tribal Weaving
Lesser Sunda
12 Days
See more
A Taste of Indonesia – A Culinary Voyage in Collaboration with the Ubud Food Festival   Culinary Voyage
Ubud Food Festiv
7 Days
See more
East Indies Spice Exploration w/ Ian Burnet   Spice Exploration
Ian Burnet
12 Days
See more
Spice Routes / Spice Wars w/ Nick Burningham   Spice Routes
Nick Burningham
12 Days
See more
Expert Led Cruise
Wallace Trails & Sails: Naturalist Expedition II w/ Dr Tony Whitten   Wallace Trails
Dr Tony Whitten
12 Days
See more
Papua & Birds of Paradise w/ Dr Tony Whitten   Papua & Birds
Dr Tony Whitten
10 Days
See more
Papua & Birds of Paradise w/ Alexander Reeuwijk   Papua & Birds
Alexander Reeuwijk
10 Days
See more
Raja Ampat Snorkelling and Paddling Tour   Raja Ampat
Snorkel & Paddle
10 Days
See more
New Year Raja Ampat Adventure Cruise   Raja Ampat
New Year
12 Days
See more
Spice Traders to Bugis Shipbuilders w/ Jeffrey Mellefont   Spice Traders
Jeffrey Mellefont
12 Days
See more

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