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Yacht Charter and Cruises

The place to hire a yacht or join any cruise from Bali island and beyond. You will be taken to the a world of exotic cultures and breathtaking natural beauty, superb tropical beaches, pristine coral reefs and to places where time has literally been standing still, such as the last remaining domain of the prehistoric Komodo dragon.

Bali Intaran Tours help you to get any type of yachts or boat in Bali. Either diving, fishing, day trip, submarine, sailing yacht or many other boat charter are available with vary charter rates. You can also join scheduled overnight cruise with either Raja Laut, Ombak Putih, or Sea Safari to other islands such as Sumbawa, Flores, Bima, Lombok, Komodo, Rinca, makassar, raja ampat, etc.

fishing in Bali

Yacht Charter
You can choose from a range of different charter yachts, sailing boats, and traditional schooners with expert crew and Western tour guide for charter cruises from Bali through the Lesser Sunda Islands, to Sulawesi, and through the Moluccas.
The Barefoot Sailing Yacht
Fishing Boat
Pamela Catamaran

Day Cruise

Daily Cruises
Daily Cruises to other island or places such as Lembongan, Penida, Crystal Bay, Amed, etc. Whichever you choose, you're sure to enjoy some of Bali's best views, a host of exciting activities and a sumptuous buffet.
 Balihai Cruises
 Island Explorer
 Bounty Cruises

Safari Cruises

Safari Cruises
These cruises offer a convenient way for visitors to Bali to enrich their experience of Asia, a combination of adventure, culture, beaches and fauna, including the Jurassic Dragons of Komodo!
Ombak Putih Cruise
Sea Safari Cruise
Raja Laut

Cruise Shuttle

Transfer Cruises
The following speed boats offers fast transfers, 30minutes from Bali to Nusa Lembongan, and 2.5 hours from Bali to Gili Island and Lombok, operating daily in the morning and afternoon. Please see the departure time and do not forget to book the seat in advance!.
BlueWater Safaris - Gili Island & Lombok
Scoot Cruise - Lembongan Island

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